Regulating plastic surgery social media marketing

Some researches have been able to indicate that an average person spends approximately 2 hours per day on social media platforms. Dallas SEO marketing has indeed greatly improved how we are able to market and advertise our products and services to potential clients. That is because a huge number of people are increasingly using the online platforms especially social media sites as the preferred source of information.

Some of the popular social media sites include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and snapchat. The information posted on such social media sites is able to greatly influence the decisions of someone to use your product or service.

One area that has been growing steadily through subsequent years is plastic surgery. That is even f we happen to come from societies that are still largely conservative. The conservative nature of societies meant that in the initial years of the practice of plastic surgery, it was viewed as an immoral practice. A practice believed to challenge the perfect creation of God particularly among the religious folks. Plastic surgery was even associated with black magic. Through the ability of plastic surgery to reconstruct injuries sustained by soldiers, with time plastic surgery continued to be widely accepted. That is how far we have come.

For the present times, because of the great influence of social media, many plastic surgeons are also increasingly employing its use to market their services. That is for the reason that there is stiff competition between plastic surgeons. As a result, one great way to stay ahead of the competitors is through marketing.

There is proof that social media marketing of plastic surgery works. One particular study conducted in 2015 based on aesthetic plastic surgery showed that 40% of plastic surgery patients used social media to determine their choice of doctor.

Through Instagram, plastic surgeons can post pictures of before and after especially because the platform is highly visual. That makes it more appropriate for social media marketing especially in this age when everyone is looking for a perfect or flawless body, influenced by celebrities and other influencers. Snapchat on the other hand is great for posting short videos. The videos posted can be about your staff carrying out their jobs or convincing customer testimonials.

One great thing recommended for plastic surgeons to market their services is that they should be able to frequently look at their social feeds. This gives you a perfect opportunity to be able to answer questions raised about your field. You will be able to showcase your expertise and provide necessary accurate information great for influencing the decisions of possible patients.

While from the above discussion, the role of social media in promoting plastic surgery seems to be without any blemish, it is not entirely right.Plastic surgery social media marketing has its own pitfalls because there are not regulations enforced concerning what is right or wrong to be posted online.

One disadvantage is that you may actually get a plastic surgeon with less experience and training. The surgeons may not be certified to perform the procedures they claim to do. For example, there have been instances whereby gynecologists or doctors trained in other medical fields market themselves as plastic surgeons.

Two, through the plastic surgery social media marketing, it often tends to indicate the procedure as risk-free and easy.That is seriously misleading and alarming in nature.That is not always the case as the process is complex to understand and perform and there are risks associated. Additionally, the photos presented to you can always be manipulated to cheat you.

Also, importantly is that through social media marketing you risk invading the privacy of a patient that is often protected through various legislations. You can be sued for invading the privacy of a patient.

Because of the possible shortcomings of social media marketing, there have been increased calls for more legislations and tightening the ones that already exist to regulate the industry.

One of the proposed guidelines is that plastic surgeons must be able to obtain written consent before posting pictures and videos related to a patient. It is important for patients to note that even in instances where they agree for their photos and videos to be used and then change their minds later, to delete them may not be entirely possible. That is because they can be manipulated or shared on other platforms.

Another great regulation that has been proposed is that assistants should be hired during the procedure to ensure that the process is not interrupted by videotaping and photographing.

Moreover, it is greatly recommended that children under 18 years of age should not be allowed to be exposed to the procedure. Read more here

A transparent and enforced certification system must be put in place. It should be possible for a patient to check and confirm the licensing and qualifications of plastic surgeons. The certification system implemented should be able to guarantee that cosmetic surgery procedure is performed within a safe and ethical environment.

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