Criminal Defense: A Worthy Trade

In a culture where feelings are hurt easily, being a criminal defense attorney is not easy. However, it is well worth it. Morally and financially, and I am going to telly you why.
When I was 16, I was arrested, my friend had been drinking a few hours earlier and we were in a city chilling with some friends, about two hours from our hometown. So a couple hours after his last drink, he decided that he was good to drive, and since I was a little tipsy I did not object. But you see we were both under 21, and in the state of texas, we couldn’t have any alcohol in our system at all, so this was very illegal. When the cop puled us over, neither of us could put up a fight, so he took us to jail, afraid to call our parents, we spent the night, and if it weren’t for a solid criminal defense lawyer that was in the station at the time that lobbied for no charges to be pressed against us, our parents would of found out to say the least.
You see, people should not be judged on their mistakes, they should be held accountable, but should be given grace. Criminal defense attorneys have the pleasure of being able to represent people that society has already given up on, and that is a noble cause if you ask me. Few things compare to the benefit of being able to make someone feel really really valued.
It is also a very lucrative business, many clients facing big charges will have the cash to pay for it. If you are a youngster and in law school, consider the criminal defense niche. It is a always going to be around, and you could help out some people in the meantime.

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