Public Faith in Judicial System

The truth is that most people are losing faith in the judicial system. Those who are guilty walk scot-free, whereas the innocent are convicted of the crime. It all depends on the kind of criminal defense lawyer you get. If he is good you will the case; whether guilty or innocent. Very discouraging isn’t it?

We live in an era where a number of people could be prosecuted even in the International criminal court and then none of them is prosecuted. This is puzzling and confusing. Isn’t it? Could it be that the prosecuted are innocent, or the persecutor didn’t gather enough evidence?

Okay! Away from that; this page seeks to discuss what causes the public to lose faith in the judicial system, reasons why you should not lose faith in the judicial system, and the and the future of judicial systems.


Reasons why People lose Faith in Judicial System

High Cost of Access to Justice System

With the high cost of getting a lawyer one may wonder if justice is a preserve of the rich. The rich have the abilities to get the most competent lawyers that can argue out their cases. Some have been reported to buy the judges too. The poor have succumbed with no one to fight their case. It is only them against the law and the rich.

Partisan Selection of Judges instead of Merit

Big judges like the chief justice are usually selected by the president. The president is always a politician. He may seek to grant favors to his Senate by appointing political judges. In some countries, such judges have to adhere to the president’s requirement else they receive direct threats. This kills the public confidence in the judicial system.


Inadequate response to change

In the recent past, the world has changed so fast. Whoever thought things like samesex marriage could ever be a reality. But it has happened. But does the judicial system have updated laws to deal with such cases? How about artificial intelligence? If a robot kills a human, how should the prosecution be done? The judicial system is adapting slowly to change hence less faith in the judicial
system from the public.


Unfair and Inconsistent Judicial process

Most a time the innocent have been convicted in court and the guilty walked scot free. This is the number one factor that has led to the loss of faith in the judicial system. To get a fair trial is very important in believing justice. Some judges have always rule tenant-landlord cases in favor of the tenant. This has always been the case even when the tenant is on the wrong turn. Bit by bit and the faith in judicial system drains away.


Reasons Why You Should NOT lose Faith in the Judicial System

Hey! When your hand is lame it does not mean you should cut it away. It can still help you. So though the judicial system has errors, there are a thousand and one reasons as to why you should not lose faith in the system.


Solutions for the High Cost of Justice

If you cannot afford a lawyer remember there are pro-bono services. Law school has made it a requirement for each lawyer to at least offer their services free. This is a must. And some pro-bono lawyers do it diligently.

Embrace of Technology in Criminal investigation

Courts have currently embraced technology in the retrieval of evidence. The use of biometric fingerprint analysis is accepted as solid proof. DNA tests are also accepted forms of evidence. So if they get in the right judges’ hand, be sure you will be vindicated if you are not a criminal.


Communication and feedback enhancement

It is encouraging that some courts are taking in the public opinion to know their downfalls and rectify on them. Other courts are borrowing leaves across countries and continents. This all aimed to give you justice. You should therefore not lose faith in courts. At least they are trying.


Embrace of technology in Shortening of Time hearing a case

They say justice delayed is justice denied. In the recent past, cases took longer than expected to be resolved. But right now you can thank technology. The computers have made it easy for storing files for easier retrieval. Currently, your file cannot get lost on the court unless one intentionally tampers with it.
The Future of the Judicial System

Personally, I envisage a fairer and more inclusive judicial system. The morals of judges have grown beyond petty graft. Today judges are more after legacy and fame. Lawyers too are trying. With technology in place, I believe this will be even achieved faster than we think. So there is no need of giving up on you right. Have faith in the judicial system.