How to avoid pests from ruining legal documents

As the name accords, avoiding pests is an extant physical entity which is of utmost importance. And no one would ever want to lose it or get it hampered at any cost.

But even without us knowing, the physical state of these legal documents of utmost importance does get affected. A small percentage of contribution will be by humans and the rest is obviously by a third party multi-legged, a tentacle-laden creation of nature: pests. What is going to exacerbate the attack of pests on these legal documents, is our negligence towards these unexpected attack by the pests.

So, the question here remains: are there any ways to protect the legal documents from a deadly attack by the pests? Yes! Of course, just like removing bed bugs there are numerous ways. There are methods to eradicate the pests completely using a different combination of chemicals but at some point of time, we are definitely going to become the prey to its side effects. And the alternative?

Well, there are various other natural alternatives that can protect the legal documents naturally without any side effects being faced by humans. These are described below :

1. Thyme springs

For those of you who don’t know what is thyme, it is an aromatic evergreen herb that has both medicinal and ornamental uses. Basically hailing from the mint family. Thyme is very much helpful in keeping the pests at the bay. All you have to do is, cut some thyme springs, and make it dry. But not too dry to drain out the freshness of it. Then, place these thyme springs in between the bunch of legal documents wherever it’s possible by bruising them a little so that the strong aroma spreads. This is definitely going to keep the pests at a safer distance from these legal documents as they don’t really get along with the scent of thyme.

2. Lavender Oil

As we all know, Lavender oil is the exotic oil that’s obtained from a long distillation process of the flower spikes of lavender. Extensively used in the production of perfumes, because of its fragrance, it is also used in massage therapy. How exactly is the lavender oil going to help in the pest case? The reason is exactly the same as that of the thyme springs: Strong aroma.
The way to use it is quite simple. All you have to do is take a spray bottle and mix the lavender oil in the ratio of one teaspoon of oil to every 300 ml or 1/2 pint of water.

After mixing, it should be shaken well to make it combined at a better level. Once it’s mixed nicely inside the spray bottle, you can spray it all over the place where you feel, there is a presence of pest infection, but only after removing the necessary legal documents to a safer place.

You should allow the sprayed place to get dried properly before putting back the documents in place. This will make the documents immune to pest attack and at the same time, ward off the pests that were already trying to infect the documents.

The side effects are definitely out of question. On the other hand, what you get as a bonus is a soothing aroma along with a guaranteed protection from pest attack.

So basically, these were the two different natural methods to keep away the pests from harming your legal documents, without any side effects. There are even other alternatives to these oils also. For example, in case you don’t have lavender oil with you, you can definitely go ahead with eucalyptus oil and mix in the same proportions that were prescribed for lavender oil.

Same goes as a consideration for tea tree oil also. Tea tree oil can also be used as an alternative along with Eucalyptus oil, which again, doesn’t have any side effects to humans or the documents, just like the other methods.

So to wind up the whole thing, next time, when you see your legal documents getting infected with pests, don’t get panicked and instead, try any of these above-mentioned methods to get rid of the attack. In case your most valued legal documents are not infected by pests, you can still follow these above-mentioned techniques to prevent the pests from attacking the documents, thereby ensuring it’s safety at an early level.

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